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Help about the File Formats

Some of the files here are in PDF. You must have a PDF reader to read these files. In FLOSS environment there are a lot of PDF readers, use any one of them, preferably 'xpdf' that works best with these files, though 'evince' and 'kpdf' do work too. If you are in an MS-Windows enviroment, you can use Adobe Acrobat Reader. if you don't have that software, you have to download it from:

Adobe Acrobat Reader Downloads

The two novels are in DJVU format. Normally any good FLOSS browser like Konqueror or Mozilla or Firefox will automatically open the file when you are browsing, either directly here, or after downloading and saving it in your Hard-disk. That is true for MS-Windows browser Internet Explorer. If you don't have that plugin, you will have to download it from:

DJVUZone Download

If you are in FLOSS, you can very well download the Open-Source excellent Linux/Unix DJVU file viewer from:

The 'djview' source or binary

Help about Unicode Bangla Webpage:
ইউনিকোড বাংলা ওয়েবপেজের বিষয়ে সাহায্য

Can you read the following line?

ক, কা, কি, কী, কু, কূ, কে, কো, কৈ, কৌ

Did it read properly the following sounds in Bangla characters:

ka, kaa, ki, kee, ku, koo, ke, ko, koi, kou

If it did, that means, you have Unicode Bangla support installed in your system, and so you can read the Unicode Bangla webpages.

If you can read the character for the 'k' sound in Bangla in all the instances, and the vowel signs too, but, all mixed up, then you have the Unicode Bangla Fonts installed in your system. But, you don't have the CTL (Complex Text Layout) support.

In that case, in MS-Windows systems, you should go to the Start Menu --> Control Panel --> Region and Language. And then, somewhere there you will get the option for CTL. All these I am saying from my memory, and that too quite old, when the last time I set my hand on any MS-Windows box. So, this maybe quite full of mistakes. When you make the CTL thing as 'ON', the system will want the Setup-CD and install the files from there. Shutdown, reboot, and you should be able to see and read the webpages.

In a GNU-Linux system, this thing, presumably, should not happen. All the GNU-Linux systems that I do use or interact with, Fedora 3 and upwards, SuSE 9 and upwards, Ubuntu 6.06 and upwards, are all in-built with Unicode Indic support, that includes Bangla support. The problem maybe lack of fonts. In that case, install the Bangla fonts.