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Composed by dd/ts, 2010.


GLT is a local organization, very local, in the vast kinship of Global GNU-Linux.

The name comes from: GNU-Linux-Thek. The third one is a colloquial Bangla word thek that wants to highlight the very local nature. If you want to know more about GLT, go the
GLT Page

A Primer on GNU-Linux in Bangla from GLT

In the process of conducting different tutorials in the GLT, first landed a series of notes. That then led to the first rough draft of a book. Some of the friends in Calcutta LUG and FSF West Bengal were pretty enthusiastic about that book in Bangla.
Two definite full-length drafts and a lot of scribbles later, this led to a book measured to 496 A4 Pages. This book is given here for any wannabe GNU-Linuxer to download and read.
If you still want some more go to the
Book Page