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Composed by dd/ts, 2010.

GLT as a process of necessity

GLT, like the book it has produced, was never planned from before. It just happened. None of us in GLT, till date, is a computer pro. And none of us, did start with GNU-Linux or any other version of UNIX.
We all were using our computers. We were all working in Windows and getting frustrated. Hangs Restarts Blue screens of Death and all.
But, that is not all. That the Raptor of Redmond (Cheers Peter Salus for this excellent tag) will control everything, even our wish to know, was something too much for us. So we wanted to learn GNU-Linux.
(You can help getting charmed after listening to this speech by Peter Salus, though it may be too big for us dial-up users to download, for them we have already this and many others downloaded with us in GLT)
But, that was not very easy for us, self-educated (you know, it pains a lot to call oneself uneducated) savage ones. The point was to show that every savage is always already an unannounced sage in its heart, it required to write down a book and learn in the very process of writing.

How we invited our friends into it

Locally we distributed some leaflets. Both in English and Bangla. The English one is given here in html that you can readily read, but the Bangla one is in pdf file. If you are not very accustomed with pdfs, go to the download page. There you can know a few things about them.
Here we are citing some documents from GLT:
Why we made the GLT? —— The unianimous resolution of the first meeting of GLT-Madhyamgram
Who we are? —— The names of all the GLT members present

GLT way of seeing

To know something more about the GLT mindset you can read one html page written for sending to Richard Stallman. And the supplement of the book is actually the same thing in Bangla, that too in Bangla pdf