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Composed by dd/ts, 2010.

Downloading and Reading the Chapters:

The tutorial, the series of loosely woven lessons, gradually, grew to around 395 A4 pages in 12 point Bangla font. Covering many of the areas that you really need to know a little, and to understand more than a little, when practicing into GNU-Linux.

This Eleven-Day series is given here. This is the prerelease-version of the 'GLT-Ishkool Pathmala' in Bangla. The final version is planned to be published by FSF-India. Day 00 is a primer for absolute beginers, Day 01 and 02 make you familiar with a working OS. Day 03 tries to trace the history of cyber-thought from abacus to Claude Shannon. Day 04 tells the story of generations: coming of FMS, Multics, Unics, Unix, Minix, and then GNU-linux, Day 05 starts to tread into Glinux. Day 06 is the first encounter with GNU-Linux commands and files. Day 07 and 08 go deeper into GNU-Linux Filesystems and Partitions and all. Day 09 discusses GNU-Linux Filesystem Hierarchy and Day 10 is a primer for Bash and Bash-scripts.
(Day 03 appeared in a Bangla little magazine called 'Apar' in its Bookfair 2004 number in a marginally different version.)

The links of the chapters are given below. To open any of the files you will need one pdf-reader. On a GNU-Linux platform you have a lot of them, though 'xpdf' suits best in reading these. Some of the files are pretty big. Two of them are more than one meg. So, particularly for dial-up users, it maybe better to right-click the section links and save the files to your HD, before reading them.
If in MS-Windows, you will need Adobe Acrobat reader that you can get from Adobe Acrobat Reader Download Link.

Another apology here: the 'pdf' files were created with propritary softwares, the reasons and pains of that event are actually discussed in the eleventh lesson of the series.