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Availability of Books in Hard Print

There were some problems about the avilability of books by this author. The publisher of novels and the distributor of the GNU-Linux book both, without citing any reason, almost around the same time, ceased abruptly making the books by this author available any more. Obviously, as the author and a few of his friends presume, there are reasons, political or otherwise, about this. Anyway, a new outlet could be arranged:
"Prakash Bhavan", 15 Bankim Chatterjee Street, Kolkata 73, Phone: 22418266. The novels and the GNU-Linux book all will be available here.

Here are four novels and some essasys in Bangla by Tridib Sengupta (dipankar das). Some of them in DJVU and the others in PDF. You will get the stories on the Stories page. Some of those stories are in Unicode Bangla HTML. If you are not very sure about the File Formats: DJVU/PDF/HTML, or how to handle them, go to the Help about File Formats Page.

Some novels, and essays by Tridib Sengupta in Bangla


This novel, "Tapan Biswaser Khider Batrish Ghanta", was published in portions in 'Pratikshan' Pujo Number in 1992 and 'Nandan' Pujo Number in 1993, and published as a book in 1993. This DJVU file contains an exact scan-replica of that novel, page by page.

"Tapan Biswaser Khider Batrish Ghanta" in DJVU (15MB)

The same novel, "Tapan Biswaser Khider Batrish Ghanta" in PDF, an exact scan-replica, page by page.

"Tapan Biswaser Khider Batrish Ghanta" in PDF (11MB)

This novel, "Sharmishthar Kolkata, Sharmishthar Prithibi", was published in 'Nandan' Pujo Number in 1995. This DJVU file contains the scanned pages containing the novel from that magazine.

"Sharmishthar Kolkata, Sharmishthar Prithibi" in DJVU (9.8MB)

"Sharmishthar Kolkata, Sharmishthar Prithibi" in PDF (7.8MB)

This novel, "Nirantar Prabrajay: Dwitio Khasra", was published in 'Rakshash Sangskriti' in 1995. Later it was published in a book by 'Pratibhash' publishers in 2005.

Nirantar Prabrajay: Dwitio Khasra

This novel, "Bula, Tomake", was published in 'Apar' in 1996, later brought in a book by 'Pratibhash' publishers in 2005.

Bula, Tomake


Some essays in the 'margin of margin' series are kept here. They were published in different magazines, 'Apar', 'Anustup' and others. They are yet to get into a book. All the files kept here are in PDF. If you are not sure what exactly a PDF is, or what to do with it, consult the File Format section at the bottom of this page.

This essay, "Deconstruction, Decolonization" was published in 'Anushtup' Pujo Number in 1999. Though it was written by Tridib Sengupta, it was published under the name of two authors, another one being Ajit Chaudhury, for a particular reason, better unmentioned.

"Niantran O Roglakshana" was published in 'Anushtup' Pujo Number in 2000.

"Colony Jayni Morey Aajo" was published in 'Anustup' Book-Fair number in 2002.

"Margin Of Margin: Ekti Atechnical Bhumika" was published in 'Apar' Book-Fair number in 2001.

"Abalupta Prakriter Sandhane" was published in 'Apar' Pujo Number 2003.

"Shyamal O Subversion" and Briddhasramer Kolkata Ebang Subversion" are two small prose pieces in 'Subversion Series' in 'Rowak'.

"Bhalo America, Kalo America" was published in Irak-America War Number of 'Annya-swar'. "Shatru Ebang Bandhu" appeared in the same magazine after some attacks on the 'so-called' postmodern positions of 'margin of margin' in that magazine and elsewhere from the political quarters.