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Composed by dd/ts, 2010.
Using Microsoft Windows?

You must be tired of repeating restarts and continuous crashes!

And Virus?

Feeling uneasy using pirate programs?

Want To Be Free? Free to learn: Free to use?
Even free to know what cyber-freedom really is?

Come With Us in GLT,


Know GNU-Linux
(popularly known as Linux)

Get GNU-Linux on your PC

Free to Get: Microsoft is Business and GNU-Linux is Community

Free to know: how the programs do actually work — a thing that MS-Windows will never allow you to know

Stable and Robust: Hang-s and Restart-s are unknown in GNU-Linux

Virus-proof: No virus can infect GNU-Linux system — it is built like that

GNU-Linux Thek, Madhyamgram
Is here to Help you Install and Learn GNU-Linux

Join the community, be a part of the Worldwide

Free Software Movement

For details, contact: asok de 25375563 or

GLT-Madhyamgram is associated with ilug-cal, Linux User Group, Calcutta Chapter, and Free Software Foundation of India, West Bengal Chapter