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Composed by dd/ts, 2010.

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Novels, shorter fiction, essays and others.

Read the book 'margin of margin: Profile of an Unrepentant Postcolonial Collaborator'

The entire book, written with two other co-authors, is given here.

A lecture and a book. Both of them are given here.

The lecture led to the book at a distance of five years. They try to grasp the political economy of computing.

A Bangla book on GNU-Linux and GLT

A concept and an effort called GLT and a book that came out of it.

Availability of Books in Hard Print

There were some problems about the avilability of books by this author. The publisher of novels and the distributor of the GNU-Linux book both, without citing any reason, almost around the same time, ceased abruptly making the books by this author available any more. Obviously, as the author and a few of his friends presume, there are reasons, political or otherwise, about this. Anyway, a new outlet could be arranged:
"Prakash Bhavan", 15 Bankim Chatterjee Street, Kolkata 73, Phone: 22418266. The novels and the GNU-Linux book all will be available here.
Thanks "Prakash Bhavan".

The whole story is available here in the Bangla Blog by this author.